Legalization of Cannabis in Canada

Today is the day that so many Canadian’s have been anticipating for a long time now. A day where adults can now make an informed decision to consume cannabis legally. People chose to consume cannabis for a variety of reasons. Many times the use of cannabis positively affects a person’s life, but judgement is passed because it has always been illegal. Today is the day that cannabis will be legal nationwide in Canada. No longer will adults be stigmatized for making the decision to use cannabis. Make sure you inform yourselves about this new legislation. You can find out more info here: Remember people, just because it is legal doesn’t mean someone is forcing you to consume cannabis. If it’s not for you, then don’t use it but lets not pass judgement on others who decide to. I had a chance to sit down with a few really awesome people to chat about their thoughts on the legalization of cannabis. Here is what they had to say:

“I’ve come to realize just how many people stereotype cannabis users. At least three times a day while working at the dispensary people would ask me if I even smoked weed. They would ask me why a pretty girl like me was bud tending, or make comments that I am over dressed for the job. Why? Because I do not look like the stereotypical ‘lazy stoner’. I’ve been smoking for two years now, to help manage my anxiety and PTSD symptoms, as well as other side effects from medications. I serve customers from all walks of life, young and old, for recreational and medical. Each person having their own reasons for choosing marijuana. With legalization the negative stigma associated with cannabis is shrinking, but still very present. Please try and not judge a book by it’s cover and that using cannabis, for whatever reason, doesn’t define someone.”

“Marijuana shouldn’t be feared. It’s all in how you customize the way you use it, to suit you as an individual. I recently donated my liver to a family member and found that during my recovery, marijuana was my number one choice for pain management. The heavier pain medication initially prescribed after surgery really played a toll on my system. My doctors were truly amazing and worked with me to create a marijuana based pain management system, that provided great comfort. I feel blessed that our country has allowed a more herbal approach to be available both for medical and recreational purposes.”

“In the last 10yrs I’ve worked in almost all aspects of the flourishing Cannabis Industry. From growing, to Lounges, to providing safe access to the herb for recreational and medical patients alike. Cannabis to me is the key to a healthier future for medical users who are prescribed narcotics or pain meds. A natural option like cannabis means better treatment with nearly zero side effects to the user unlike most doctor prescribed meds. The negative stigma surrounding the plant is slowly lifting as all walks of life step forward to accept the herb. Cannabis has helped me with anxiety and depression and has always done well by me. There are many people who look down upon the plant and its use but I’m sure in time, with the new light being shed, that it will be accepted into all households with open arms for those who see it’s positives over the years of propaganda and “reefer madness”. The future of Cannabis shines bright in Canada. I’m excited to step forward into the future of this plant”

“Thinking about all the stigma surrounding cannabis use, what bothers me most is the stereotype that “stoners are lazy”. I like to think I’m a good example of the opposite. I smoke weed everyday, morning and night, and still get up and go to work everyday. I also stay quite active with team sports in my spare time. Cannabis has helped me in my everyday life. It has replaced my prescriptions and I will never go back to taking those pills again. Cannabis helps my anxiety, Post traumatic stress, chronic back pain, while also helping to stimulate the appetite. Without cannabis I’d be severely malnourished and hardly have the appetite to eat at all. I credit cannabis for allowing me to feel comfortable in my own skin and for giving me a better quality of life. When I first began smoking cannabis, I was doing it recreationally. It didn’t take long to realize that I was in fact self medicating with cannabis. It helped the most, and had the least negative side effects out of all the prescriptions I’d been given. It also just seems safer and more natural that the other alternatives.”

“I can understand why some people are against marijuana, I used to be. I started smoking a bit more in college instead of drinking to relax and unwind. I find it a lot easier with a busy schedule. I never tolerated drinking well, it usually makes me sick easily with a nasty hangover.  After facing some big life changes, I was diagnosed with GAD and panic attacks 3 years ago. Dealing with a mental illness has been the biggest struggle I’ve faced throughout my entire life. I’ve been able to manage it with lots of research and smoking has allowed me to keep prescription medications to a minimum. I’ve always tried to focus on natural remedies before turning to a prescription. There are other things such as IBS, intolerances and back pain that cannabis helps me deal with. I’m just excited for some of the stigma to die down and for people to discover the medicinal benefits cannabis has to offer!”

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