Dan Rascal- Behind The Scenes

When I sat down with the awesome team at Dan Rascal to talk creative ideas with them one thing was clear to me, they wanted their portraits to stand out and get people’s attention. Their business isn’t just an ordinary creative video agency, so I did not want to give them ordinary portraits.  

I just recently purchased a Mola Beauty Dish so I knew that I wanted to put this epic light into action. It gave the the punchy light that I was trying to achieve while still being beautiful and flattering . With a fill light and some reflectors I was able to brighten the shadows just enough to still look clean and professional. 

We still needed that extra touch to give the portraits the Dan Rascal feel to them. After brainstorming different ideas we decided we would take the portrait of each person and turn them into a character using some digital art. The team at Dan Rascal did an amazing job taking my photos and really giving them that magical touch. We had the talented Faces By Noah on set for hair and makeup.

It was such a fun night with a really great team. Thank you Nick Ghattas for the awesome behind the scenes photos. Here are some of the final photos with the characters! 

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