Nights Ablaze

This 420 is a historical one as it’s the first time weed is legal across Canada. It’s a really awesome feeling seeing so many people be able to celebrate together without fear of punishment. There have been significant advancements in the last year and even more exciting things coming in the future. To commemorate the occasion Victoria Vermouth, Easy Oliver and I got together to stink up the studio for the afternoon. These two are so unbelievably talented and creative it was a blast teaming up with them for this project. 

When brainstorming this shot I thought about the key element I wanted to stand out in this photo. Since we were creating an image to celebrate 420 it was obvious, smoke! I used a fog machine to give some extra haze to the scene. The lighting was used to accentuate the smoke while also still having a moody night time feel. I have been wanted to experiment more with colour gels and this creative project was the perfect opportunity. I used all speedlites to light this scene in order to be able to use the gels that I have.

I wanted to create a strong atmospheric feeling to the photos so I decided to build a set with some laminate flooring and a few props. I sponge painted the wall for added texture. With a chair, apple boxes, and minimal props it had a simplistic style to it that I was trying to achieve. I did not want the background to distract from the smoke or the outfits. Victoria and Oliver took the creative lead with styling themselves. They selected the wardrobe and did their own hair and makeup. Both of them did a wicked job at elevating the photos in a way that I had never even imagined. 

I am super happy with the final results. The process of working with other creative people is so rewarding. I hope everyone has a safe and fun 420 this year! While there is so far to go with issues related to marijuana we are on the right track to letting people exercise their right to chose! Bob Marley once said it is the herb that could heal the nation.

Happy 420 Friends

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