1. Dan Rascal- Behind The Scenes

    Date 04 Nov 2018
    When I sat down with the awesome team at Dan Rascal to talk creative ideas with them one thing was clear to me, they wanted their portraits to stand out and get people’s attention. Their business isn’t just an ordinary creative video agency, so I did not want to give…

  2. Legalization of Cannabis in Canada

    Date 17 Oct 2018
    Today is the day that so many Canadian’s have been anticipating for a long time now. A day where adults can now make an informed decision to consume cannabis legally. People chose to consume cannabis for a variety of reasons. Many times the use of cannabis positively affects a person’s…

  3. Unstoppable Female Tattoo Artist

    Date 11 Nov 2017
    Determination is a powerful force, and when someone has it they will not let anything stop them from accomplishing their goals, especially being female. I had a chance to chat with Tiffany Thornton, an extremely talented tattoo artist who owns her own shop. While successful now, it was a long…

  4. Aaron Cayer-Skateboard Community Builder

    Date 10 Oct 2017
    I had the awesome experience of hanging out with Aaron and some of his friends as they skated the streets of Ottawa. With my camera in hand, I captured some great photos while chatting with Aaron and getting to know him more From a young age, Aaron knew he wanted…

  5. Sean Norton Founder of JuiceHead

    Date 28 Jul 2017
    There is no recipe to life; no simple straightforward way to succeed, and what is success anyways? To different people the word success has a different definition.  Are you successful if you earn a high salary in an interesting and stimulating career, or are you successful if you stay at home and…

  6. Hollerado

    Date 13 May 2017

  7. Metronome Jones Last Show Ever

    Date 26 Apr 2017
    Sometimes amazing things have to come to an end, and this was the case on Saturday night when Metronome Jones played their last show at Mavericks in Ottawa. They sure went out with a bang, surrounded by family and friends! They rocked for well over an hour playing all of their

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