"The ability to capture a moment and let it live on forever through a photo is a transcendent experience"

I love photography! As you can see by my work, with camera in hand, I have the ability to capture a perfect moment and tell a story. I am a people person. People are unique, intriguing and their lives always tell a story. People make this world what it is and I love capturing moments that describe their relationship with others, and their relationship with the environment(s) around them.

I am a social worker; so I am helping people during my 9-5. With photography; I interact with people in a different environment, but it is very similar. My lens allows me to capture the insights on human behaviour and interactions that I see daily, practicing social work. I am able to get to know you intimately, while having the important job of capturing emotions and stories. I have had the privilege to take photos of some really awesome individuals.  

Being able to photograph musicians on stage is an honour. Music has always been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. In high school you would never catch me without my headphones in. When an artist is performing on stage they give off a raw energy unlike any other. The audience becomes part of the experience, and part of the story. I capture this energy in a photo and let it live on.

I love shooting candid and editorial-style photos. Weddings, live music, and events are my niche. A wedding day is full of emotions and excitement. I want a married couple to look back on their wedding photos and, as they view my work, not only remember, but relive the emotions attached to their special day!

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