Working with me is more than just the photography, it’s about the experience you will have.

Thank you for taking the time to browse my website, I am very excited about the opportunity to chat with you about all your photography needs. I am an Ottawa based photographer specializing in events, weddings, portraits, and custom stock. My skills are versatile and can accommodate a variety of photography needs.

With a camera in my hand I have the ability to tell a story through candid moments that are authentic and genuine to you. During events and weddings I like to think of myself like a fly on the wall capturing the perfect moments in unique and artistic ways. When people look back at the photos I want them to relive the experience and the emotions they felt that day.

I enjoy working with small business owners and entrepreneurs to create custom stock images, that align with their brand. Professional imagery is very essential to help create awareness for brands and businesses. With a background in social work I have the skills to get to know you intimately in order to create genuine and authentic photos for you and your brand.

Let’s get creative together and chat about all of your photography needs.

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